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Triangle Power Solutions.

Our Story.

Our seeds were planted fourteen years ago back in 2006; through hard work, sacrifice and dedication, our team of Integrated Lighting Solutions Specialists, Close-knit Creatives, Strategists, and Global Leading Partners; Triangle Power Solutions was put on the map and remained there as a leader in providing unforeseen lighting experiences, seamlessly integrating the highest levels of creativity and technology of the modern world.

Our work is recognized for its personality and deep attention to detail; known by our clients as a committed partner who delivers on time, every time, on budget and above all, always exceeding expectations with our creative innovation.  We are always committed to the excellence of our work and to the quality of the long-lasting relationships we build.

What We Do.


At TPS, we strive to produce the lighting solutions that are both functional and appealing. In collaboration with our clients, our team of lighting designers and architects fulfill the main vision of your project designs and specifications; turning them into reality. 


With our deep technical knowledge and artistic skills, our dedicated team of lighting experts create unique lighting solutions, envision project designs; and execute them to perfection. 


Bring your structure to life. Our team of specialists emphasize on the details and the quality beyond the products, transforming your structure into a dynamic and vibrant display.

Media Facade

With a wide range of dynamic LED media screens and lighting technologies and innovative tools, we present new dynamic approaches for a visionary design with an endless room for imagination.


Its always greener on the other side. Our state-of-the-art landscape solutions add a touch of elegance, providing an artistic and dramatic vision of your home garden or your outer space.

Specialist Lighting

Triangle Power Solutions’ dedicated team of professionals set new standards of innovation and state-of-the-art custom design projects to best suit our clients’ needs and requirements with a full spectrum of light. 

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No. 303, Bay Square 3, Business Bay,
PO Box 61464
Dubai, U.A.E. +971 4553 8959

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